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  • Depending on your co-pay or deductible, your insurance company may pay for all or a significant portion of your therapy.
  • If you have a deductible, any out-of-pocket expenses paid to Pope Counseling Center will be applied towards your calendar deductible.
  • You pay for your insurance premium and have the right to use your benefits whenever necessary.
  • Providers on health insurance panels are generally well-established in the community and often have more experience than providers who do not accept health insurance.​

   Are you thinking of using health insurance to cover counseling? Below is a list of the benefits and risks associated with using insurance. At Pope Counseling Center, we want you to make an informed decision that allows you to choose what is best for you and your family. 

Benefits of Using Insurance:

Insurance Information

  • Insurance companies only cover services that are deemed medically necessary; therefore, you must meet criteria for a mental health diagnosis in order for your treatment to be covered.
  • To qualify for benefits, you must surrender a level of confidentiality to your insurance company that would otherwise remain between you and your clinician.
  • Once you have a diagnosis, it becomes a permanent part of your file at Pope Counseling Center. This could potentially impact you if you apply for new health insurance, life insurance, and some jobs because they can require an authorization to release information that would allow them to view your entire medical record.

Risks of Using Insurance

Out of Network Coverage

  • Most people are not aware that they have Out of Network Benefits. Pope Counseling Center is in network with many insurance companies, but we will submit out of network claims for you if we are not in network with your insurance company; however, we would require that you check your out of network coverage prior to meeting with your clinician in order to clarify your benefits.  

If you are contacting your provider to see about coverage for out of network providers, please ask the following:

  • How many sessions are covered?
  • Do I have to meet my deductible first? Is there an out of pocket max?
  • What documentation is required for reimbursement?
  • What qualifications are required of the practitioner? What information is needed from the clinician?​