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Online Therapy

  In today's society, time (not money) is the most valuable commodity there is. Studies have shown that Americans are working longer hours and taking less vacation than ever before. Because of the high demand workplace as well as other obligations, many individuals have difficulty in achieving an appropriate work-life balance and this all too often affects relationships, health and happiness.

  At Pope Counseling Center, we have identified the need to provide an option for counseling services in the most convenient way possible, through online therapy. Online therapy is becoming increasingly popular and provides an effective option for treatment. (please see assessment details below)

How does online therapy work?

   Prior to your session, a meeting code or link is provided to you by your clinician. This code or link establishes a secure encrypted online video conference with you and your clinician. This online video conference can be accessed via your PC/Macintosh or Smartphone/Tablet.

Benefits to Clients

  • You can remain in the comfort of your own home, which can help you be more open and comfortable with your clinician

  • There is no commute, which can be helpful if you’re unable to drive or have difficulty leaving your home

  • It allows you to participate in therapy if you become sick and are unable to leave your home

  • It provides greater anonymity by foregoing the public office setting in favor of the privacy of your own home

  • It can provide you the opportunity to continue therapy even when travelling for work or pleasure

How do you get started with online therapy?

   We ask that you come to Pope Counseling Center for your initial assessment if at all possible. This will allow you and your clinician to confirm that online therapy is appropriate and the best treatment option for you. At that time, your clinician will provide you with the paperwork and information to begin your online treatment.

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